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Experience new culinary dimensions

Culinary excellence will put your senses in turmoil

Experience an unprecedented form of complete enjoyment and try unusual and exquisite delicacies.

The Eatrenalin Dinner offers the pure Eatrenalin experience, while at the Champagne Dinner or Sommelier Dinner, true gourmets will feel like they are on cloud nine! 


The Eatrenalin experiences are multisensory productions, during which all details are perfectly aligned in order to send your senses on a unique journey. Lean back in your floating chair and experience a perfectly orchestrated arrangement, made of visual, acoustic, olfactory, gustatory and haptic elements. The Eatrenalin experiences take over 100 minutes. Our tip: In order to get attuned in the lounge and ending the evening in the bar, you might want to plan around three hours for your Eatrenalin visit.

Eatrenalin is coming soon

In autumn 2022, you will be able to experience the innovative restaurant world first Eatrenalin. The exact opening date as well as information regarding bookings will be announced shortly. Our tip: Combine your Eatrenalin visit with a dreamful stay in the Europa-Park Resort!

An astounding eight-course menu

The Eatrenalin menu

Each course is a culinary piece of art, which surprises and inspires. Lean back and enjoy a spectacular journey of your senses with great worlds and dimensions, paired with the highest culinary indulgence.

You can enjoy the eight-course menu at the Eatrenalin Dinner, the Champagne Dinner and the Sommelier Dinner.

The first course of the Eatrenalin menu


Indulgent introduction

Jerusalem artichoke I Black truffle
Crispy caviar


The second course of the Eatrenalin menu


Ritual for the palate

Smoke I Hazelnut I Nori

The third course of the Eatrenalin menu


Magical revelation

Tiger milk I Szechuan pepper blossom

The fourth course of the Eatrenalin menu


Sensuality from the depths of the sea

Seafood | Plankton | Champagne

The fifth course of the Eatrenalin menu


Small explosions of flavour

sour | sweet | bitter | salty

The sixth course of the Eatrenalin menu


Asia's fifth dimension

Sashimi and grapefruit I Nigiri with roasted bell pepper I Dim Sum

The seventh course of the Eatrenalin menu


Mysteries from space

Beef I Monolith brioche I Manioc-Coal

The eigth course of the Eatrenalin menu


Sweet transformation

White chocolate I Chambord I Tahiti-Vanilla

The eigth course of the Eatrenalin menu

Vegan Menu

LOUNGE: Jerusalem artichoke I Parsnip I Black truffle
Crispy mushroom I Celeriac I Onion

WATERFALL: Granny Smith I Shiso I Macadamia

DISCOVERY: Tiger milk I Szechuan pepper blossom

OCEAN: Seaweed salad I Ginger dashi I Plankton

TASTE: sour I sweet I bitter I salty

UMAMI: Sashimi and grapefruit I Nigiri with roasted bell pepper I Dim Sum

UNIVERSE: Cauliflower I Monolith brioche I Manioc-Coal

INCARNATION: Tahiti-Vanilla I Chambord I Cashew

New culinary dimensions

Eatrenalin is enjoyment at the highest level

Eatrenalin means experiencing with all the senses

Eatrenalin offers amazement without limits

Multisensory cuisine

The Eatrenalin experiences

Pamper yourself with exquisite champagne at the Champagne Dinner, enjoy exquisite wines at the Sommelier Dinner or book the pure Eatrenalin experience with the Eatrenalin Dinner. You can choose between the range of unique offers.

The Dinner experiences incl. eight-course menu

Exceptional cocktail of the Eatrenalin bar

Eatrenalin Bar

After the Eatrenalin Experience, marvel at what you have experienced in the stylish Eatrenalin Bar, share impressions or simply indulge in your own imagination. An intoxicating evening comes to an end...

Culinary genius

This Eatrenalin team will amaze you

Pablo Montoro

Pablo Montoro

Pablo Montoro is the creative genius behind the Eatrenalin kitchen and a known star in his native Spain. For him, enjoyment comes first. He and his team want to take Eatrenalin to a new culinary level!

Ties van Oosten

Ties van Oosten

The Dutchman Ties van Oosten has brought many years of experience from renowned star restaurants such as Noma in Copenhagen, creating an indescribable culinary symphony with Pablo Montoro.

Juliana Clementz

Juliana Clementz

The Franco-Austrian Head Pâtissière Juliana Clementz is the winner of the well-known Marmite Youngster Competition 2020. Her CV is characterised by residences in exclusive 2 and 3 Michelin star restaurants in Sweden, Germany and Switzerland. She lifts the Eatrenalin Patisserie into new culinary spheres.