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Eatrenalin fuses culinary excellence with multi-sensory attractions. Curious? You can find more information about the Eatrenalin experience here.

Opening hours

  • Thursday to Monday

    from 5.15pm

FAQ: Tickets & Booking

  • What does the ticket price include?

    The price for the Eatrenalin experience includes the eight-course menu with a corresponding drink accompaniment, parking in the visitor car park and the cloakroom fee. Drinks in the Eatrenalin Bar are not included.

  • Which payment methods will be accepted on site?

    You can pay cash as well as with debit or credit card. We also accept the EMOTIONS voucher card.

  • Can I change or cancel my ticket?

    Tickets cannot be exchange or cancelled, no refunds will be given. If Eatrenalin or the authorities cancel the event, you have the right to a refund of the amount paid by you (you can choose between a voucher or refund).

  • How long does the Eatrenalin experience last?

    The guided experience lasts over 100 minutes. Afterwards you can enjoy a comfortable end to the evening in the bar. Our tip: In order to get attuned in the lounge and ending the evening in the bar, you might want to plan around three hours for your Eatrenalin visit.

  • What happens if I arrive late?

    The experience will start on time. If you arrive late, unfortunately you may not be able to participate. We will try to start your group at a later time, however, this cannot be guaranteed. Please call +49 7822 77-6677 in this case.

  • How are seats allocated?

    The seats are assigned individually after receipt of the reservation. Upon entering, you’ll be received by us and shown to your seat. We will place you together with your group.

  • Can I bring my children to the experience?

    The experience is recommended for children from the age of 14, as the complexity of the experience is not suitable for younger children. The dishes as well as the floating chairs play a central role in this. The floating chair has been designed in a way that requires the rider to sit still, as standing up for example can cause the ride system to stop or pause which will affect the experience. In addition, safety aspects must be considered. The minimum age for the chairs has been set at 12 years old by the TÜV (technical safety authority). Thank you for your understanding.

  • Can I buy Eatrenalin vouchers?

    Our EMOTIONS gift card can be used at the Eatrenalin bar as well as for ticket bookings via email and phone. For further information, please see 'Booking'.

FAQ: Food & Drinks

  • What is there to eat?

    The two Eatrenalin menus can be found on the page 'Enjoyment'. Please state special wishes regarding the dishes, allergies or intolerances when booking your experience. If you are unsure, you can contact our guest service who will be happy to help.

  • Will there be a vegan or vegetarian menu?

    The Eatrenalin menu 'Green Dimensions' is vegan. You can find the menu on our page 'Enjoyment'. Please state special wishes regarding the dishes, allergies or intolerances when booking your experience. If you are unsure, you can contact our guest service who will be happy to help.

  • What drinks are there at the Eatrenalin Dinner?

    When booking the Eatrenalin Dinner, you can choose between three drinks packages. The Eatrenalin drink packages are perfectly paired with the menu. The Exclusive Alcoholic Drinks Selection is available at an extra charge, while the alcoholic drinks selection as well as the non-alcoholic drinks selection are included in the price.

FAQ: Location

  • Where can I park?

    Eatrenalin guests can park their car free of charge in the Eatrenalin visitor car park, which is signposted from the driveway to hotel ‘Krønasår'

  • How do I get to the location as a hotel guest?

    From the hotel ‘Krønasår’, a 300 metre long footpath leads directly to the location. Guests from other Europa-Park hotels can use the free hotel shuttle.

  • Where will the aperitif take place?

    The aperitif takes place in the lounge.

  • Where does the Eatrenalin experience take place?

    Eatrenalin is located directly between hotel ‘Krønasår' and YULLBE.

  • Can Eatrenalin be visited with a wheelchair?

    Our entire building is barrier-free, allowing you to easily visit Eatrenalin with a wheelchair. However, we have limited capacity, so please book through our guest services. You can find more information in the ‘People with disabilities’ section.

FAQ: General information

  • What is the Eatrenalin Floating Chair?

    The Floating Chair is your starting point for an incomparable experience: it allows you to move almost weightlessly through the individual rooms, offering you many a culinary and sensual surprise during the experience. The Floating Chair is a patented new development by MACK Rides and can only be experienced in Eatrenalin.

  • Is there a dress code?

    We recommend smart clothing (smart casual).

  • Can you film or take photos?

    Photos may exclusively be taken in the lounge, the rooms Ocean and Umami, and the bar. Please note that flash-photography is prohibited so that other guests won't be disturbed. In all other areas, taking photos is strictly prohibited. Unfortunately, it is also prohibited to take videos throughout the Eatrenalin experience. You can take videos in the Lounge and the bar.

  • Is the Eatrenalin bar available to the public?

    No, initially the bar is only available to the guests who have also booked the experience.

  • Can I bring my pet?

    Due to safety reasons, pets such as dogs are not permitted in Eatrenalin. The experience takes place on the floating chairs which are constantly moving. Your pet must stay in your hotel room or at home.

People with disabilities

In order to ensure you can plan your stay as well as possible, we have summarised all the important information for you below. The Eatrenalin experience is possible for guests with waling disabilities, provided they can independently move from their wheelchair to the Floating Chair.

Sudden changes in direction, speed or position can occur during the Eatrenalin experience. There are automatically opening and closing doors.

Guests must be able to understand and follow the instructions of our staff. If necessary, for your safety the information must be provided by an accompanying person who is at least 16 years old and has unrestricted mobility, sight and hearing.

Social and environmental sustainability

We live by the philosophy of sustainability and are constantly looking for ways to improve our balance sheet in this regard.

During construction, we mostly work with regional companies and are planning a high energy standard with KfW55.

All lighting is LED and we have high requirements in regards to water treatment.

Where possible, we buy regional, seasonal and organic products. If regional purchasing is not feasible, we pay particular attention to certifications for sustainability. We fill the water ourselves.

Our employees are continuously trained, can take breaks in a separate lounge and are provided accommodation nearby.