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The story behind Eatrenalin

Eatrenalin is nothing short of the world's most exciting gastronomic experience; a restaurant of the future that appeals to all the senses and takes guests on fantastic journeys. This is the vision of Thomas Mack and Oliver Altherr.


The brilliant idea for Eatrenalin

During a visit to the Voletarium in Europa-Park, where you can fly over European countries, Oliver Altherr and Thomas Mack came up with the idea: Why not combine such a trip with unique cuisine that creates a complete experience, one that appeals to all the senses and arouses a wide range of emotions?

The visionaries behind Eatrenalin

The Eatrenalin Founders

Thomas Mack

Thomas Mack

"Eatrenalin is a culinary journey for all the senses, bringing together the strengths of our family business."

Managing Partner Europa-Park
Dipl. Hôtelier HF / SHL
Theming full of details, hospitality and culinary perfection

Oliver Altherr

Oliver Altherr

"Our goal is to reinvent the culinary experience and to touch the guests on an emotional level."

Gastronomy expert/CEO Marché International (2003 - 2024)
International gastronomy solutions and innovative F&B concepts

The geniuses of the Eatrenalin World of Indulgence

The interplay between dishes and drinks in combination with impressive Eatrenalin worlds is an unmatched symphony for your senses.

Juliana Clementz and Ties van Oosten

Head Chefs

The international head chefs create the culinary experience of our fine dining restaurant and represent the passion for excellent gastronomy as well as the desire to travel and discover extraordinary culinary worlds. Juliana Clementz and Ties van Oosten not only share a dedication to excellent food, but also an impressive professional career that has taken them through renowned restaurants and hotels.

The Franco-Austrian Head Chef and Head Pâtissière Juliana Clementz is the winner of the well-known Marmite Youngster Competition 2020. Her CV is characterised by residences in exclusive 2 and 3 Michelin star restaurants in Sweden, Germany and Switzerland. She lifts the Eatrenalin Patisserie into new culinary spheres.

Since his apprenticeship as a cook in Switzerland, the Dutchman Ties van Oosten has worked in well-known starred restaurants. His years of apprenticeship and travel took him from the ‘The Alpina Gstaad’ to the world-famous ‘Noma’ in Copenhagen (3 stars) and to the ‘Coulisse’ in Amsterdam. Most recently he worked at the ‘Dolder’ in Zurich under the direction of Heiko Nieder (2 stars).

Manuel Diehl

Manuel Diehl

Site Manager Germany

Site Manager Manuel Diehl and his team of Eatrenalin Experience Artists, Culinary Artists and Operators ensure a perfectly orchestrated evening. With a lot of passion, he harmonizes all components of Eatrenalin and thus supports our artificial intelligence Lina, who accompanies our guests on their journey through Eatrenalin.

With his many years of experience in the hotel and gastronomy industry, as well as professional experience in various management positions, he leads the operational areas and ensures unforgettable moments at Eatrenalin.

Manuel Müller

Manuel Müller

Reservations Manager

Manuel Müller is the first contact person for our guests. He answers questions about our fine dining restaurant, assists with bookings, plans your family celebration or corporate event. He is a born host and loves working with people.

He gained his professional experience as resident manager and receptionist at the 'Colosseo' themed hotel, among others. Some guests know him from his many years as Loyalty Program Manager. In this position, he looked after the guests of the Europa-Park Hotels.

The creative minds behind the Eatrenalin production

Eatrenalin is an exciting stage play in which the interplay of all senses plays a lead role. In order to stage this multisensory experience in all its detail, a comprehensive script has been developed.

An international team of show producers, script writers and creatives, has created a multisensory production which is unique in the world: Eatrenalin.

Katja Mack

Eatrenalin Creative Director

Through the sophisticated arrangement of visual, acoustic, olfactory, gustatory and haptic elements, director Katja Mack, together with her international team, has created a multi-sensory composition that makes the storyline of Eatrenalin unique and emotionally tangible.

As Show Producer and Creative Consultant, Katja Mack is one of the creative minds behind the Europa-Park show productions. In 2020 she received the Brass Ring Award for the category ‘Live Entertainment Excellence Spirit Award’.

MACK Music Logo

MACK Music

Musical production

Under the MACK Music label, MACK Media produces and publishes top-class songs that make it all the way up the charts. The increased use of in-house productions within the Europa-Park Resort creates an immersive experience, combining all worlds of adventure. In cooperation with DJ Rafael Becker from Dubai, composer Hendrik Schwarzer and Jan Lepold (T-Rex Classics), individual, unique sound worlds were developed for each room of the restaurant world-first in order to bring the respective worlds of taste to live for all senses.

The expert of the culinary experience

Our stunning creations are made with passion and expertise to appeal to all your senses and create a unique culinary experience. For this, our Head Chefs involve other Culinary Experts with experience in Michelin-starred gastronomy to offer you varied tastes from all over the world.

Pablo Montoro

Pablo Montoro

Eatrenalin Culinary Expert

Pablo Montoro is a well-known star chef in his native Spain. He gained reputation through appearances on television and his many years of experience in top tier gastronomy. He worked for several years under the direction of Ferran Adrià in what was then the best restaurant in the world, ‘El Bulli’. For him, taste is everything!

Become part of the Eatrenalin team

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Eatrenalin brings together the strengths of the Baden family company Mack in an unprecedented way. These strengths are made even greater through the partnership with the gastronomy expert Oliver Altherr and his network.