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The founders and managing partners of Eatrenalin Oliver Altherr (left) and Thomas Mack (right) with his wife Katja Mack, Creative Director Eatrenalin

TEA Thea Award "Experiential Dining Attraction"

"The TEA Thea Award is one of the most important accolades for our concept of creating the most exciting gastronomic experience in the world that appeals to all of our guests' senses at the highest level," explains Oliver Altherr. "The award confirms our passion for innovation and the continuous search for extraordinary experiences for our guests," adds Thomas Mack, who developed the experience together with Oliver Altherr.

Eatrenalin wins Red Dot Design Award and German Design Award

With its innovative brand design, Eatrenalin was honoured with the Red Dot Design Award for 'Brands & Communication Design 2023' and also with the German Design Award 2024 in the category 'Excellent Communications Design - Brand Identity'. The award-winning brand design was developed by the Zurich agency distylerie.

Oktober 2023

New Explosions of Flavour at the Restaurant Innovation ‘Eatrenalin’

Lovers of fine dining have a good reason to be excited: since 19th October 2023, a new menu composition awaits guests at the unique gastronomic experience. The world-first restaurant Eatrenalin combines top gastronomic excellence with an impressive interplay of visual, acoustic and haptic impressions that touch all of the senses.

August 2023

Star chef Alain Ducasse shares enthusiasm about the world-first restaurant Eatrenalin

For 10 months, the unique gastronomy experience Eatrenalin has been taking culinary enthusiasts to different worlds of delight during its two-hour duration. In addition to the Michelin Guide, Alain Ducasse, one of the best chefs in the world, has now also been able venture on this sensory journey.

5. May 2023

A firework for the senses

Eatrenalin surprises with a new experience from May. A whole new gastronomic experience unlike any you've seen before - Eatrenalin! In addition to its gastronomic excellence, this unique journey of delights combines visual, acoustic and haptic elements into an impressive interplay that touches all senses.

03 March 2023

Eatrenalin welcomes celebrity guests

Unique, exciting and glamorous – these are just some of the words that come to mind when guests of Eatrenalin think about their culinary experience. So it's no wonder that celebrities from all over the country make their way to Rust to try out the restaurant world-first. In addition to Ruth Moschner, Ross Antony, Glasperlenspiel and Janin Ullmann provided plenty of glamour on 02. March. Actors Philipp Danne, Caro Cult and Lea Zoe Voss as well as comedian Lukas 'Cossu' Staier also discovered the unique gastronomy event concept together.

18 January 2023

Unique fine dining experience: Eatrenalin has been inspiring guests since November

Since 4th November 2022, culinary enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary fine dining experience have been able to find it at the restaurant world-first Eatrenalin in Rust. Since its opening, over 12,000 guests have embarked on the unique journey of senses, offering an impressive interplay of visual, acoustic and haptic experiences intertwined with gastronomic excellence. A new menu composition awaits visitors from May.

19. November 2022

Eatrenalin wins
Leaders Club Award 2022

On 19. November 2022 – just a few days after opening – Eatrenalin was awarded the Leaders Club Award 2022 (gold). The Leaders Club was founded in 2001 and is a European network of gastronomy enthusiasts and companies.

26 October 2022

Innovative Restaurant World-First 'Eatrenalin' – The futuristic gastronomy experience for all the senses

There is a new highlight for culinary enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary fine dining experience. On 4th November 2022, the unique gastronomic event concept 'Eatrenalin' will open in Rust next to the 4* superior hotel 'Krønasår'. From the moment the experience begins, guests are immersed in a wide variety of worlds, not only through scents and tastes, but also through visuals, acoustics and haptics. The 'Restaurant of the Future' is a firework display for the senses. This is made possible by an impressive interplay of multimedia content, gastronomic excellence and a patented new development, the floating chair from MACK Rides. This unique gourmet experience was initiated by Managing Partner of Europa-Park Thomas Mack and gastronomy expert Oliver Altherr, CEO of Marché International. The vision and the goal are to reinvent gastronomy and to touch the guests emotionally. Following the opening of Eatrenalin in Rust, the aim is international expansion over the next few years.


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Making of Eatrenalin

Making-Of Eatrenalin auf VEEJOY

Watch the 'Making of Eatrenalin' and dive into the story behind the most exciting restaurant experience in the world. The four part series is available in our streaming platform VEEJOY and takes you on an exciting journey, from Alicante in Spain, via Waldkirch, Hannover and Lake Constance all the way to Rust.

The series is made up of parts about 'Experience', 'Technology', 'Design' and 'Food', showcasing the multi-dimensional aspects of Eatrenalin. You will also get to know the people behind this success story.

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