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Eatrenalin Experience: Because life is experienced with all the senses

Some things you have to experience for yourself to believe. Set out and follow your curiosity, expect nothing less than everything at the Eatrenalin experience!


Check in for a journey through space and time: as the curtain rises, the spectacle begins. An exciting aperitif welcomes you, setting the mood for the magical experience of Eatrenalin.


The everyday slowly disappears with the sound of the water... Cleanses your senses in a refreshing ritual that frees your mind for a new, encompassing experience.


It begins. The Eatrenalin experience starts moving. Please take your seat - and expect nothing less than everything! Travel from world to world in our floating chair. Experience a sensual way of floating.

The fourth course of the Eatrenalin menu

Dive into the mysterious depths of the sea, where everything is still and yet full of sensuality. Walk along breathtaking beaches of hot sand, fly over mountain landscapes... Anything is possible.


Forget the familiar, trust only your own senses as you taste the unusual, the exquisite. Common terms are no longer enough to describe what you are experiencing.

The sixth course of the Eatrenalin menu

Travel to distant countries, roam through green rice paddies, celebrate rare delicacies presented by an Asian monk. Mysterious worlds open up, pure inspiration.

The seventh course of the Eatrenalin menu

The familiar world is left far behind, as infinite space opens up. Travel further and further into space, until you finally set foot on the moon and experience weightlessness.

The eigth course of the Eatrenalin menu

Imaginative desserts, bringing the experience to an end, will enchant your senses. Enjoy an artistically created highlight presented by head p√Ętissier Juliana Clementz on a flying ring.

Exceptional cocktail of the Eatrenalin bar

The sensory magic slowly fades away, it is time to return to reality... But not before a drink together. See you at the bar!