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Tasteto believe
Feel unimagined emotions completely through surprising delicacies. Send your taste buds on a round trip to the moon. A firework of sensuality.To the enjoyment
Hearto believe
A step into acoustic terrain that gives you goose bumps and caresses your soul. With closed eyes, discover the Eatrenalin world of sound and experience a unique atmosphere full of harmony.To the experience
Feelto believe
Feel with your entire body. Sense the excitement and enjoy the feeling of wellness. Go further and further into new worlds of experiences and delights - to truly unforgettable moments.To the experience
Seeto believe
Exotic worlds become visible, multimedia fiction and sensational taste experiences create magic in your mind. Visual experiences newly defined. To the experience
Experienceto believeCuriosity piqued?
To experience is to immerse yourself. In summer 2022 you can book the Eatrenalin experiences and in fall 2022 embark on a spectacular sensory journey to new culinary dimensions.Explore Eatrenalin

Eatrenalin is coming soon

In autumn 2022, you will be able to experience the innovative restaurant world first Eatrenalin. The Eatrenalin experiences can be booked in summer 2022.

How will you experience Eatrenalin?
You have the choice of the Eatrenalin Dinner, Sommelier Dinner or Champagne Dinner!
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