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The motif of the 'Eatrenalin Dinner' arrangement

Eatrenalin Dinner

An unforgettable eight-course menu and a truly unique experience await!

Eatrenalin Dinner

A new dimension of cuisine

Try delicacies both unusual and extraordinary on your Eatrenalin journey of the senses. The Eatrenalin Dinner is the pure Eatrenalin experience with a unique eight-course menu and accompanying drinks.

The Eatrenalin Dinner is a multisensory production, lasting 100 minutes, during which all details are perfectly aligned in order to send your senses on a unique journey.

Eatrenalin is coming soon

In autumn 2022, you will be able to experience the innovative restaurant world first Eatrenalin. The Eatrenalin Dinner can be booked in summer 2022.

Eight courses to amaze you

The Eatrenalin Menu

The first course of the Eatrenalin menu


Indulgent introduction

Jerusalem artichoke | Summer truffles | Caviar


The second course of the Eatrenalin menu


Ritual for the palate

Eel | Algae | Hazelnut

The third course of the Eatrenalin menu


Magical revelation

Lime | Szechuan pepper blossom

The fourth course of the Eatrenalin menu


Sensuality from the depths of the sea

Seafood | Plankton | Champagne

The fifth course of the Eatrenalin menu


Small explosions of flavour

sour | sweet | bitter | salty

The sixth course of the Eatrenalin menu


Asia's fifth dimension

Squid | Grapefruit and Sashimi | Dim sum

The seventh course of the Eatrenalin menu


Mysteries from space

Beef I Monolith-Brioche I Manioc-Coal

The eigth course of the Eatrenalin menu


Sweet transformation

White chocolate I Chambord I Tahiti-Vanilla

Do you have a special request?

During the online booking, you can indicate your requests or intolerances.

Perfectly paired

The drink accompaniments

Our Eatrenalin drink creations are optimally paired to our menu. When booking, you have the choice between three different variants. The exclusive drinks selection can be booked at an additional cost.

  • Lounge

    Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée Champagner - ‘La Cuvée’ is a fine and fresh champagne, that is matured for a long time.
    The complexity of the wine is evident in the successive notes of vineyard peach and white fruits.


    A fresh sea breeze with light iodine and sea salt notes and a field fresh note of basil.


    Very fruity sparkling Sake, from Akashi City, with aromas of peach and banana. On the palate are fresh and balanced notes of lemon and melon.


    Rosé Alsace Château Ollwiller - Sparliking and fruity Pinot Noir Rosé with fresh aromas of raspberry and strawberry. An interesting wine made from 100 percent pinot noir grapes, with a beautiful structure and elegance.


    A refreshing orchard of pear and apple, paired with mint, rosehip and passion fruit accentuated by a matured distillate.

  • Lounge

    Geiger PriSecco No.25 is a sparkling wine with a dry finish and finely sparkling bubbles. The perfect start to a culinary journey without alcohol is made possible thanks to ingredients such as Bittenfeld seedling apple, Kirchensaller pear or Douglas fir tips in organic quality.


    A fresh sea breeze with light iodine and sea salt notes and a field fresh note of basil.


    Yuzu sourness with the typical bitter notes on the palate alongside sweet mulberries. Fragrant rose and rhubarb on a base of darjeeling tea.


    Dealcoholised wine from the House Domain de l’Arjolle from the region of Languedoc-Roussillon, France. Based on the selected grape varieties of Grenache and Merlot, the fruity and dry notes of ripe plums, blueberries and spices await you.


    A refreshing orchard of pear and apple, paired with mint, rosehip and passion fruit accentuated by a matured distillate.

  • Lounge

    Cuvée Rosé (Laurent-Perrier, Champagne/France): Cuvée Rosé was created in 1968 from the boldness and unique savoir faire of Laurent Perrier. The aim was perfection at each stage of its making. Cuvée Rosé is among the few rosé champagnes which are maturing with mash fermentation. Elegant colour that naturally fades from a beautiful, soft raspberry red to salmon-tinted nuances. A clear bouquet of extraordinary freshness and a palette of red fruits: raspberry, currant, strawberry, black cherry. Pure and tart base, while at the same time round and supple. The fruity taste dominates on the palate, like a basket of freshly picked red berries.


    Citrusy and fresh aromas of Monkey 47 meet maritime ocean notes, paired with Kaffir lime and juicy grapefruits. Completed with a dash of Fleur de Sel.


    Kuheiji Sake Yamada Nishiki Eau Du Désir 2020. A very special sake, which was only produced in limited small batches. Derived from the ancient rice variety Yamadanishiki. Not as extremely husked, nor fermented so hot, in order to get the umami notes and the diverse, almost explosive aromas.


    André Goichot, Burgund AOP Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er cru les Vaucrains Pinot Noir.


    Matured barrel aged drink on high vanilla wood chips, on a base of the Opthimus 25 años Solera single malt whisky cask finish, sweet vermouth and fruity raspberries. Delicate bitter and orange notes guarantee the perfect conclusion to the menu.

Vintages are subject to change.

Experience Eatrenalin Dinner


Book your Eatrenalin Dinner with your better half, family, friends or as a company outing. A first-class experience is guaranteed. The Eatrenalin dinners take approximately 100 minutes. Tickets for the Eatrenalin Dinner can only be booked online.

  • Thursday to Monday

    195 Euros per guest

The Eatrenalin Dinner can be booked in summer 2022.

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