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Eatrenalin floating chair

Experience a sensual sensation of floating

Floating chair

With our floating chairs, you and your dishes travel through the different worlds in style during the over 100-minute long Eatrenalin Experience. During the journey, you will be sat in different seating arrangements – in a circle, opposite each other, or next to each other. This highly modern technology allows you to float sensually through the Eatrenalin Experience.

Lean back in your chair and experience a perfectly orchestrated arrangement, made of visual, acoustic, olfactory, gustatory and haptic elements. The floating chairs are a patented world-first, developed by MACK Rides and can be experienced for the first time in Eatrenalin.

Each floating chair is made of almost 2,100 parts and weighs 320kg. The development took the internationally renowned ride manufacturer MACK Rides one and a half years.

Experience the floating chair

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