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Eatrenalin Bar

In a stylish ambience and among the best of company, you can marvel at what you have experienced, share impressions or simply indulge in your own imagination. An intoxicating evening comes to an end…

Fire, water, earth or air?

Our bar team will conjure up exciting drinks for you, perfectly tailored to your wishes and preferences. Combine your Eatrenalin experience with a visit to the exclusive Eatrenalin Bar and look forward to the following cocktail highlights, among others.

Exclusive Eatrenalin cocktail 'Double Burner'

Double Burner

The smoky aromas of plum and orange fill the nose, chilli and cinnamon provide a special explosion of flavour and a pleasant spiciness.

Exclusive Eatrenalin cocktail 'Burpees'


This alcohol-free, distilled drink surprises with notes of coffee, plums and orange, framed in sweet and sour.

Exclusive Eatrenalin cocktail 'Lila'


Mulberries give this drink its unique colour, as aromas of violet and almond refine the taste.

Exclusive Eatrenalin cocktail 'Bubble Pearl'

Bubble Pearl

A light foam of apricot rises up as a cloud over the bubbling mixture of champagne and elderflower.

Opening hours

Thursday to Monday from 6.30pm

The bar is exclusively open to Eatrenalin guests. On Fridays and Saturdays, a DJ accompanies you through the evening, serving up a menu of cool beats and plenty of energy.

Eatrenalin Experiences

After the Eatrenalin experiences, you can marvel at what you have just witnessed together in the Eatrenalin Bar, share impressions or simply indulge in your own imagination.